Ein Gastspiel in der DIELE

Contemporary Fairy Tales
sound piece by Elena Habicher
31 May – 14 June 2013

Tale #7 at DIE DIELE
Map of all tales and locations

„Contemporary Fairy Tales“ is a sound installation in eleven parts inhabiting different interspaces in the city of Zurich at Barbarian Gallery, ZHdK VBK, Design Museum Zurich, Erarta Galleries Zurich, Rotwand Gallery, Message Salon/Perla Mode, Die Diele, Barbara Seiler Gallery, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Florian Christopher Show Room, and Counter Space. Each sound piece runs endlessly for 14 days. As an extension to the sound piece, the artist book „Contemporary Fairy Tales“ is spread all around Zurich at random places during the same period. The publication is both a kind of children book and a visual guide documenting and disseminating the project.

The sound piece is based on a series of short fictional stories written in 2010. They are supposedly about a woman, who has been abused, mistreated or misunderstood during her life, by herself or by others. The texts are a work-in-progress and also include diaries, letters and written sketches. So far, they have been a source material or strategic tool at the basis of Habicher’s paintings, objects and sculptures. Now employing the form and function of sound, the stories become a kind of radio storytelling for anybody who by chance happens to encounter them.

The project is aimed at everyday life in the city landscape within a certain timeframe, and allows for the free interpretations and private experiences of anyone who might encounter it. As the sound is intentionally installed within the frame of art spaces, it aims to objectify the public sound into sound sculpture, and therefore to encourage a certain way of perception and reading.

Artist Talk

7 June 2013, 6pm

Counter Space
Elena Habicher in dialogue with curator and critic Elisa Tosoni, Meesha Chang (Director Erarta Galleries Zurich) and Livio Baumgartner (artist and curator Die Diele off space)

More information about the artist and the project on www.elena-habicher.com

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